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What a year… so far!

I can’t believe it is October already!

Next month Nanowrimo begins, and I can’t wait. I have started prep work for a new WIP.

The story revolves around the disappearance of a young boy. The story focuses less on the abduction and more on how it affects the family relationships.

I have always told myself I’d never write a story where children or animals met with any violence. But, this story wants to be told, so I have to listen to the characters.

I am still going through editing on “Cast Into The Shadows.” It has been such a long process, but I’ve been learning through it all and expect this next story to go much faster. My goal is to have both stories polished by the end of the year.

As if two novels was not enough… my screenplay, “Hooper and Wes” is getting a polish. I plan on submitting it into a couple of contests in 2019.

Time to fill my coffee cup and get back to work.

Hope everyone is enjoying this wonderfully spooky month 🙂

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