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Austin Film Festival 2019

Wow! I am glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and attended AFF. I met so many fun and interesting people. The panels were informative and inspirational, so much so that I’ve already blocked out my 2020 calendar for AFF.

My favorite panel was The Psychology of Storytelling with Lindsay Doran. Positive Psychology, who knew? I left the panel ready to take a different look at how I was writing my current WIP. I taped the yellow card she gave us on my inspiration wall, where it will guide my writing from here on out.

On Writing Horror with Paul Alvarado, Akela Cooper, and Owen Egerton was so much fun. I am excited for Akela’s, The Nun 2, and I continue to visit Owen’s, Mercy Black (mom bragging moment-my son was B camera.)

I was in awe to share a room with Dave Kajganich, James V Hart, Craig Mazin, Mary Coleman, Megan, Alderson, Mike Jones, Stephany Folsom, Valerie LaPointe, Guinevere Turner, Michael Werwie, Ron Bass and Ed Solomon, Meg LeFauve, Max Borenstein, David Benioff, and D.B. Weiss.

The best part of the festival? Talking to people that also talk with their hands in motion.

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