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Hooper & Wes”

“Hooper & Wes” is a feature-length screenplay written by Victoria Deitch & Michael Deitch. It is a dark comedy, buddy film conceived by Michael Deitch. Michael brought the story idea to me, I loved it, so I wrote the screenplay.

The first ten pages of the draft were “off.”  I knew it but I gave the pages to Michael for review, I needed to know if I was on track with the story… I wasn’t. We tossed around some ideas, and I asked him to give me twenty-four hours to rewrite.

I tossed out the draft and started over, but this time I knew I was writing the story in Michael’s head.  When he read the revised pages, he confirmed I was on track.

“Hooper & Wes” was initially written as a short film (20 pages).  Even though it was a finished piece, I felt there was so much to their story, and I wanted to write it, but I had just started another project, so the boys were put on hold.

Fast forward a few months. I was having dinner with a friend, who just so happens to be a producer.  He inquired about the status of Hooper & Wes. I told him the short was finished and gathering dust. He asked if he could read it… I’m not stupid of course I allowed him to read the script.

My friend, the producer, was busy working on his projects, so it wasn’t until a month or so later that we followed up with each other.  He loved the story, thought the script was solid in fact he was surprised since the short was the first script I had written.  He agreed with me, as a short the script could be produced into a festival piece and maybe get picked up as a future feature.  He told me I should consider writing the feature. Since I was more than happy to return to Hooper and Wes’s world, I decided to move forward with the story and write the feature.

Fast forward two years, 3 significant re-writes and I have a finished script waiting to be produced.  So, if you know of any directors, producers – anyone who wants to make a fun indie film with a low budget I’ve got the script!


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