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Remember Me” aka “Cast Into The Shadows”

“Remember Me” started out as a script I wrote and has become my first attempt at writing a novel.

Funny story which gives a little insight as to why I changed the title.

I had sent my script out to a couple of producers, but nothing had come of it, Hollywood wasn’t buying anything and being a first-time screenwriter with no credits didn’t help, even if the reviews on the script were positive.

Flash forward a year or so, and I get a phone call from a friend.

“Hey, who produced your script?”

“What script,” I asked.

“Remember Me, I’m looking at the billboard right now!”

I quickly pulled up IMDb. Yup, a new release, but not mine. The logline was so close to mine that I thought my script may have been “borrowed.”  Of course, that was not the case. Yes, similar logline and the same title, but not the same story, whew.

The next day when I went to work and looked out the window. Big and bold on Wilshire Blvd was a huge billboard that would give me a headache for a month.

I received calls ranging from, “Hey congratulations on getting produced,” to “Saw your film, didn’t like it.” My favorite comment was, “Did you get fired? I didn’t see your name in the credits.”

When I started adapting the screenplay into a novel, I knew I needed a new title. So, one afternoon I told my son that I was stuck on the title, two seconds later he had a new title for me. Yes, all of us writers hate him because he can solve our problems posthaste – it isn’t fair!

My story, “Cast Into The Shadows” is about a woman who finds herself dead and without a memory of the night she died. She has a less than perfect guide named Leo, who tries to help her find her memory.

Will Eva find be able to stop the killer before more innocent people die?

You’ll have to read the book to find out.


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