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“When Angels Cry”

“When Angels Cry” was a real thrill to write, but the research was hell.

My readers commented on how much they loved the story, given their apprehension due to the subject matter. They appreciated that I didn’t go into too much detail when it came to the murder of children.

As I wrote the story, my focus was not on the actual abduction but focused on the strain caused by the loss of a child and the impact on relationships.

The story centers a husband and wife whose relationship is strained after they are faced with allegations of child abuse which results in one, or both of them being held under suspicion for the disappearance of their young son.

Questions arise about the competency of the lead detective, who is dealing with the tragic death of his wife and young son.

Will Teddy’s young life end at the hands of a horrific monster or at the hands of someone he trusts, or worse, someone he loves?


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