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Do writers start out crazy or is it the writing that makes them crazy? Yep, I wrote it so don't steal it!


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My Projects

In Process:

  • “Cast Into The Shadows”, fiction, adaptation of screenplay “Remember Me”
  • “The Circus” – feature, horror, zombie mayhem, currently adapting short story into novel.
  • “Why Me” – feature, drama, currently writing
  • “The Town” – feature, horror, currently writing
  • “Face of Evil” – feature, drama, a journey into the mind of a female serial killer
  • “One Crazy Night” – non-discloser agreement

Completed Scripts:

  • “Hooper & Wes” – feature, dark comedy,  buddy film, budget friendly. Every guy thinks it would be cool to be a hitman.
  • “Bruised But Not Broken” – short, drama, perfect festival pieceContact me for details.
  • “When Angels Cry” – feature, drama.  A young boy is missing and although his estranged parents are suspects could his disappearance be connected to the lead detective or is it even more sinister?
  • “Remember Me” – feature, drama, currently adapting into novel (Cast Into The Shadows). A woman wakes up dead with a less than perfect spirit guide and a short time to remember the night she died and save a life. 
  • “Perceptions” – short, drama.  What you see may not be what others see,  does that make it any less real?

Music Videos:

  • Currently writing two-three “scripts” for a local band.


  • “The Voice” short, drama.  What would you do if you knew you were going to die in fifteen minutes?

Contests Entered:

  • Scriptapalooza Screenwriting Contest
  • AAA Screenplay Contest
  • 2012 BlueCat Screenplay Competition


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